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Bills In Conference Committee

Total Bills: 12
BillShort TitleActionDateAction Text
H56 Amend Environmental Laws.S06/29/2017Conf Com Appointed
H90 NC Truth in Education.S06/29/2017Conf Com Appointed
H162= S16Amend Administrative Procedure Laws.S06/29/2017Conf Com Appointed
H403 Behavioral Health and Medicaid Modifications.S06/29/2017Conf Com Appointed
H482 County Comm. Role in School Bldg Acquisition.S06/29/2017Conf Com Appointed
H770 Amend Environmental Laws 3.S06/29/2017Conf Com Appointed
S16= H162Business & Agency Reg. Reform Act of 2017.H06/28/2017Conf Com Appointed
S99 Report Certain CTR Data/Auto Ins. Accuracy.H06/29/2017Conf Com Appointed
S335= H463Study/Fair Treatment of College Athletes.H06/29/2017Conf Com Appointed
S582= H229Agency Technical Corrections.H06/30/2017Conf Com Appointed
S628 Various Changes to the Revenue Laws.H06/28/2017Conf Com Appointed
S656 Electoral Freedom Act of 2017.H06/29/2017Conf Com Appointed