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Bills Pending on the Governor's Desk

Total Bills: 24
BillShort TitleActionDateAction Text
H84 DL/Deaf or Hard of Hearing Designation.H06/28/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/28/2017
H89 Housing Authority Transfers.H06/29/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/29/2017
H128 Prohibit Drone Use Over Prison/Jail.H06/28/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/28/2017
H138 Revise Gang Laws.H06/28/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/28/2017
H140 Dental Plans Provider Contracts/Transparency.H06/29/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/29/2017
H161 Divestment From Companies That Boycott Israel.H06/29/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/29/2017
H353 Authorize State Park System Expansion.-ABH06/29/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/29/2017
H396= S360Municipal Broadband Service Area.H06/29/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/29/2017
H434 Coins/Currency/Bullion Sales Tax Exemption.H06/28/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/28/2017
H527= S507Restore/Preserve Campus Free Speech.H06/29/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/29/2017
H528 Budget Technical Corrections.H06/30/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/30/2017
H559= S624Outdoor Heritage Enhanced.H06/30/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/30/2017
H589 Competitive Energy Solutions for NC.H06/30/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/30/2017
H656 College of Albemarle/Construction Funds.H06/30/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/30/2017
H657 Improve Adult Care Home Regulation.H06/27/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/27/2017
H704 Divide School Systems/Study Committee.H06/30/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/30/2017
H719 Improve Security/Upper Level/Pking Lot 65.H06/28/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/28/2017
S55= H72School Bus Cameras/Civil Penalties.S06/30/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/30/2017
S82= H59Achieving Business Efficiencies.S06/30/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/30/2017
S344 Combine Adult Correction & Juvenile Justice.S06/29/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/29/2017
S410= H524Marine Aquaculture Development Act.S06/29/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/29/2017
S445 Expungement Process Modifications.S06/27/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/27/2017
S468 QZAB Use Modification.S06/30/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/30/2017
S599 Excellent Educators for Every Classroom.S06/30/2017Pres. To Gov. 6/30/2017