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<< S387 Senate Bill 388 / S.L. 2017-147 S389 >>
2017-2018 Session
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Bill TextFiscal Note
Filed [HTML]
Edition 1 [HTML]
Edition 2 [HTML]
Ratified [HTML]
Session Law 2017-147 [HTML]
Last Action: Ch. SL 2017-147 on 07/20/2017
Sponsors: Randleman;  (Primary)
Attributes: Public; Text has changed; Requests Study
Counties: No counties specifically cited
15A (Chapter); 15A-1002 (Section)
Vote History
Date Subject RCS # Aye No N/V Exc. Abs. Exc. Vote Total Result
06/22/2017 4:11PM Second Reading [H] - 673 111 0 1 8 0 111 PASS
06/26/2017 8:26PM Motion 9 To Concur [S] - 346 47 0 0 3 0 47 PASS
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History Senate Bill Action History
Date Chamber Action Documents Vote
03/23/2017 Senate Filed DRS35164-MS-110
03/27/2017 Senate Passed 1st Reading  
03/27/2017 Senate Ref To Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate  
04/10/2017 Senate Withdrawn From Com
04/10/2017 Senate Re-ref to Judiciary. If fav, re-ref to Rules and Operations of the Senate  
04/19/2017 Senate Reptd Fav  
04/19/2017 Senate Re-ref Com On Rules and Operations of the Senate  
04/20/2017 Senate Reptd Fav  
04/20/2017 Senate Placed On Cal For 04/24/2017
04/24/2017 Senate Passed 2nd Reading   PASS
04/24/2017 Senate Passed 3rd Reading  
04/25/2017 Senate Regular Message Sent To House
04/25/2017 House Regular Message Received From Senate
04/26/2017 House Passed 1st Reading  
04/26/2017 House Ref To Com On Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House  
06/13/2017 House Withdrawn From Com
06/13/2017 House Re-ref Com On Judiciary I
06/21/2017 House Reptd Fav Com Substitute S388-PCS15228-TT-36
06/21/2017 House Cal Pursuant Rule 36(b)  
06/21/2017 House Placed On Cal For 06/22/2017
06/22/2017 House Passed 2nd Reading   PASS: 111-0
06/22/2017 House Passed 3rd Reading  
06/22/2017 House Regular Message Sent To Senate
06/23/2017 Senate Regular Message Received For Concurrence in H Com Sub
06/23/2017 Senate Placed On Cal For 06/26/2017  
06/26/2017 Senate Concurred In H/Com Sub   PASS
06/26/2017 Senate Ordered Enrolled  
06/27/2017 Ratified  
06/27/2017 Pres. To Gov. 6/27/2017  
07/20/2017 Signed by Gov. 7/20/2017  
07/20/2017 Ch. SL 2017-147  

Note: a bill listed on this website is not law until passed by the House and the Senate, ratified, and, if required, signed by the Governor.

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