North Carolina Child Well-Being Transformation Council
Non-Standing Committee
  • Authority: SL2018-5 sec. 24.1(b); SB 99
  • Meeting notices via e-mail
  • Disclaimer: This list is under constant revision and may not be current. It reflects appointments on file, which may not be updated or complete. Please call the Legislative Library if you have questions (919-733-9390).
Rep. Sarah Stevens (Co-Chair) House Appointment
Sen. Tamara Barringer (Co-Chair) Senate Appointment
Legislative Members
Rep. Donna McDowell White House Appointment
Sen. Kathy Harrington Senate Appointment
Public Members
Ms. Cindy L. Bizzell Governor's Appointment
Ms. Anna Carter Governor's Appointment
Mrs. Lisa Tucker Cauley Governor's Appointment
Ms. Melissa Anne Clayton Governor's Appointment
Cpt. Catherine L.H. Cochran House Appointment
Dr. Theresa McCarthy Flynn Senate Appointment
Mr. Eric Mallory Harbour Governor's Appointment
Mr. Victor R. Isler Governor's Appointment
Dr. Amy L. Jablonski House Appointment
Ms. Deana Joy Governor's Appointment
Dr. Susan M. Kansagra Governor's Appointment
Dr. Kelly Kimple Governor's Appointment
Mr. William L. Lassiter Governor's Appointment
Mr. Brett A. Loftis, JD Senate Appointment
Ms. Virginia Knowlton Marcus Governor's Appointment
Mrs. Stephanie G. McGarrah House Appointment
Mrs. Karen T. McLeod Governor's Appointment
Hon. Thomas O. Murry Senate Appointment
Mr. Phillip Redmond Senate Appointment
Ms. Wendy C. Sotolongo House Appointment

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