North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force
Non-Standing Committee
  • Authority: G.S. 7B-1402; SL98-202; SB 1260
  • Disclaimer: This list is under constant revision and may not be current. It reflects appointments on file, which may not be updated or complete. Please call the Legislative Library if you have questions (919-733-9390).
Legislative Members
Rep. D. Craig Horn House Appointment
Rep. Donny Lambeth House Appointment
Rep. Gregory F. Murphy, MD House Appointment
Rep. Robert T. Reives, II House Appointment
Rep. Donna McDowell White House Appointment
Sen. Chad Barefoot Senate Appointment
Sen. Don Davis Senate Appointment
Sen. Cathy Dunn Senate Appointment
Sen. Kathy Harrington Senate Appointment
Sen. Joyce Krawiec Senate Appointment
Ex Officio Members
Mr. Michael A. Becketts Ex Officio
Ms. Cindy L. Bizzell Ex Officio
Mr. Michael Brent Culbertson Ex Officio
Dr. Ellen Essick Ex Officio
Dr. Kelly Kimple Ex Officio
Dr. Benjamin Matthews Ex Officio
Dr. Deborah Radisch Ex Officio
Ms. Susan E. Robinson Ex Officio
Mr. Bradford L. Sneeden Ex Officio
Dr. Elizabeth Cuervo Tilson Ex Officio
Ms. Mary Williams-Stover Ex Officio
Public Members
Hon. Stanley Walker Bingham Senate Appointment
Ms. Martha Sue Hall House Appointment
Mr. John Phil Harris Senate Appointment
Ms. Michelle Hughes Governor's Appointment
Mr. Steve H. Jarvis Senate Appointment
Ms. Sarah M. Kirkman Senate Appointment
Ms. Jennifer S. Kristiansen Governor's Appointment
Ms. Dana W. Mangum Senate Appointment
Dr. Martin J. McCaffrey House Appointment
Mrs. Karen T. McLeod House Appointment
Ms. Katherine Pope House Appointment
Mrs. Stacie Turpin Saunders Governor's Appointment
Ms. Pamela Tyler Thompson House Appointment
Dr. Sarah B. Verbiest Governor's Appointment

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